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About Zeynep Tözüm, VP Performance Development and member of the Swat Team (*) Unilever

“After four years with no growth, last year LBWI-Trinidad delivered 10% growth…The help from the Swat Team was instrumental for this achievement, [with] the diagnosis and the transformational plan that they helped us put together so that we can move from a rooted culture to one that is more open and dynamic. …There is no doubt that the work, guidance and energy provided by the Swat Team was key to delivering this change and setting our new Vision/Mission.

…“the Swat Team always made sure that I understand that this was my responsibility, that I need to lead this agenda myself[not the Swat Team].”

Pablo Garrido, Managing Director- Lever Brothers West Indies

“…Swat Team delivered what it set out to do: help company to find its own transformation agenda and build an action plan around it. Where the team has over delivered is on the personal coaching it has given to the individual board members. The impact and benefits have been much greater than I anticipated.
…“the Swat Team influenced me in thinking big and not incremental when we build the plan. This has galvanized the whole team in thinking big…as a Board, we are now so much more effective, as we work very well together”

Frank Braeken, Chairman- Unilever Greater Andina

“…[The diagnostic phase] produced eye-opening and robust platforms to address the organizational needs and to provide foundation for a step change movement of the whole business.
… As a result, the Board and the Leadership Team has already achieved a step change, has increased its efficiency and developed a more open, transparent and encouraging management style.”

Heinz Arnold, Chairman- Lever Faberge Germany

…I have been impressed by the way the most skeptical people in the company have now turned into supporters and promoters of (Project) Energie. To me, this is due to the high degree of professionalism, commitment and integrity which you two have deployed and to the fact that you are so clearly results oriented.
On a more personal note, I want to say that I have found working with you very stimulating and thought provoking. The coaching relationship, which we’ve had, has been very rewarding. I would certainly wholeheartedly recommend this approach to all companies looking for a durable improvement of their performance.

Jean Marc Delpon de Vaux, Chairman- Lever Faberge France

(*) This team was set up in Unilever as part of the Global Expertise Team-Corporate HR Organization in London/UK. It was a team of two, Zeynep Tözüm and German Nicolas, and was -informally- referred to as the SWAT TEAM.