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Joseph Melnick, Ph.D

Joseph Melnick

Joe is a couples and family therapist, an organizational consultant, and teaches worldwide. As an organizational consultant and coach, he has worked with a broad range of companies including Fortune 500, hospitals, medical practices and residency programs, state and foreign governments, and a wide range of small business such as law firms, and engineers. As a writer, he is the founding editor of Gestalt Review, an international, peer reviewed journal based on a contemporary Gestalt approach. Among his 100 professional publications is Melnick and E.C. Nevis (Eds), Mending the World: Social Healing Interventions by Gestalt Practitioners Worldwide, and as a teacher and trainer he travels regularly to a number of universities and institutes throughout the US and Europe. He is the Director of The Cape Cod Training Program at The Gestalt International Study Center where he also serves on its Board and is head of the Organizational Certification Program.

Joe has spent his entire career moving back and forth between the worlds of organizational consulting and coaching, teaching, training and writing, and psychotherapy and supervision. Joe loves working with uncertainty, diversity and difference in organizations. His work is deeply influenced by the Gestalt model of development and growth that rests on a number of principles such as:

• Growth and change come from the meeting of differences,
• Awareness leads to choice and change,
• Optimism is necessary to manage uncertainty and create resiliency,
• All individuals are doing the best they can – given how they construe the situation they are in.

Joseph Melnick
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