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Marsha Shenk, MA

Marsha Shenk

Marsha Shenk, is a leaders’ consultant and coach: a Business Anthropologist. Her education began at Reed College, and includes doctoral study at UCLA and Berkeley. Her work has included fifteen years of teaching leadership through courses, and thirty-five of consulting, coaching, and facilitating.

Marsha founded the BestWork™ People in 1980, introducing new ways of inspiring peoples’ best work and catalyzing valuable exchanges, no matter what is happening in the marketplace. Known as a pioneer in the field, she coined the term “Business Anthropology”, reflecting that commerce is as old as the first human community, and that society, commerce and the brain co-evolved.

Working with leaders from the Fortune 10 to small service firms, Marsha’s Master Moves™ illuminate costly barriers, forge new measures, and simplify how to mobilize audiences and meet objectives. Dozens of senior teams have used The Master Moves to cultivate an appetite for improvement, make sound strategic decisions, and get in shape for the next round of challenges. The focus of her practice is innovation and top performance.

Marsha Shenk
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