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Esra Sertoglu

Esra Sertoğlu

Esra is an organizational practitioner, working as a consultant, executive & group coach, as well as, a facilitator.

As a strategist, coach and facilitator with more than 20 years of experience, she’s worked with organizations, primarily in the US and Europe, across different industries. She spent the first 10 years of her career in New York as a strategy consultant. After moving to Turkey in 2005, she switched her focus from large-scale organizations to small & mid-size, high-growth companies and working with teams. During this shift, she spent two years as the CEO for Grupanya, a VC-backed Internet startup in Turkey, which has emerged as the clear champion in its market.

Esra now works primarily with corporate executive teams to drive change on topics including:

• Applying system thinking to teamwork,
• Understanding and practicing the distinction of personal and professional identity at workplace,
• Conflict resolution, overcoming resistance and challenging situations,
• Communication styles and patterns,
• Building trust and deeper bonding in professional environments.

She designs her own workshops on building trust, openness and psychological safety for executive teams. She also facilitates workshops and trainings for CEOs and entrepreneurs in Europe and Middle East.

Esra Sertoglu
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