Farbeyond Consulting

Our Approach

Our Approach

“Don’t believe what your eyesare telling you.
All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding,
find out what you 
already know and you will see the way to fly.”

Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull


FARBEYOND CONSULTING operates in the area of organizational transformation for performance development.

Our work is about helping leaders of businesses/ teams to reframe their current reality, to articulate their business ambitions, to make choices as to what they want to see different, see more options and to create impact with speed and collective engagement. This we see as a partnership in support of their ambitions to create growth.

FARBEYOND CONSULTING is a network of experts in the field of developing individual, team and organizational performance. The project teams work on a broad platform that ranges from diagnostic work, consulting to entire systems or to specific teams, design and delivery of training programs and interventions, to coaching key leaders and teams for superior performance.

Our contribution is to transfer organizational development skills to our clients so that they reach the extraordinary results they want, through previously unexplored possibilities and more effective use of human capital and processes. Those skills would range from visioning, scanning the system for insights beyond the obvious, articulation a collective business ambition, personal mastery, giving and receiving feedback, deriving insights beyond what is obvious, spotting forces for change and those for keeping the status quo, working with resistance and multiple-realities, assessing needs, planning effective actions and reviewing and challenging progress. As a result, individuals, steams and the entire business system become more aware of how they operate as a system, what makes them uniquely powerful, what blocks them and what will drive their commitment, actions and growth..

Our unique value is in the way we interact with you and your people, in the way we encourage you to reconsider how you see things and what’s possible, in the way we model connecting with people, engaging them, into the process of change and awaken responsibility and commitment.

Our interactions are tailor-made to “this organization”, for “this moment- in –time”, given their particular intentions and reality: each organization is unique, as is each individual within that organization. In the design, we blend relevant approaches, research, assessment tools and expertise with coaching techniques that are proven to help organizations to shift performance.

We operate with a three-phase process, typically lasting from six to eight months, leaving the leadership team with the skills required to sustain the transformation.

PHASE 1: The Diagnostic
While the primary purpose of this phase is diagnostic, we often see changes begin even this early in the project:

  • We collect data by conducting one-to-one conversations with the CEO, Executive Board Members and individuals from all levels of the organization.
  • We observe life and cultural cues in the work place including attitudes, norms and prominent behaviors.

PHASE 2: The Plan
We derive insights through a discerning review of multiple realities regarding people and performance.

  • We identify attitudes, behaviors and underlying standards that will deliver a shift in performance.
  • We then consolidate and give feedback to the top leadership team.
  • We share our insights; we encourage them to pay attention to their existing strengths and to get curious about how they could expand their skills repertoire.
  • We then help the leadership team to decide on the future they want to create, whom to engage into the process, to design a transformation plan and to take charge of its delivery.

The plan covers commitments, responsible leaders for each action, dates and success criteria. We encourage that the transformation plan is generated by the entire leadership team, with various roles taken up by individuals. Also at this stage, our coaches make performance-coaching contracts with the leaders / teams who request coaching support.

PHASE 3: The Implementation
The aim of this phase is to build into the business, a capacity to move with speed and commitment to reach the business ambition. During the implementation phase, our roles may vary from designing interventions, sharing experience, training and advising to performance-coaching for key leaders and/or teams.