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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Marianne Williamson
(used by Nelson Mandela in his inauguration speech)


  • You are fresh in your job, have your goals in place, made your observations but are not clear on what needs to shift first and how
  • You led different businesses before and yet, this one takes just too long to respond
  • You have renewed your business strategies, systems and structures but growth doesn’t seem to pick up
  • You want to see more courage and drive in your team; you want your people to bring more to work
  • You have initiated many projects to tackle your business issues and yet these issues persist. You’re wondering what is missing.
  • You are frustrated that the impact of the “team building day” or the “off-site meeting” fades out in weeks
  • You want to ignite a desire in your people to lead as well as manage
  • You want to stretch yourself beyond what you have dared to do so farIf these sound familiar to you, we can partner you in overcoming these issues and helping you reach your goals.

FARBEYOND CONSULTING operates in the area of organizational transformation for performance development. Our insight is that setting a business on a growth path requires more than just intellectual excellence: there needs to be an awakening of leadership in all layers of the organization so that a shared goal can be articulated and that targets and strategies can be set with internal commitment. Awakening a wide-spread leadership, in turn, requires a deep understanding of beliefs, norms and motivations that drives us all. This understanding would produce “clean lenses” to see multiple realities, enabling effective steps in transforming the organization for superior performance.

Our ambition is to become your partners in growth: your willingness to stretch your organization and yourself, beyond what has so far been possible, forms the basis of this partnership. That, we believe, will lead to growth, both for your business and for those leading and managing it. This partnership goes beyond giving you ideas and solutions to reach your business ambition; it intends to leave you with results as well as the skills to face and deal with similar challenges in the future.

People are in the centre of our practice and FARBEYOND CONSULTING stands for our belief that human potential is endless when it aspires to go beyond its existing limitations.